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Fallout 4

Thoughts: It is my first time playing this series so this review is from a new player's perspective. The game interface is not user friendly at all. I had to figure out the navigation e.g. like scrolling down the perks chart by holding the RMB etc. 

The bugs especially those in the main storyline prevented me from continuing. It was a huge disappointment and worst of all, there was no console code to fix them. Kudos to Bethesda for including more depth with the characters and companion but even those are riddled with bugs. The settlements, companions, main storyline..there are so many bugs, that the programming itself feels like a fallout.

However, I do like the various difficulty options. I play on "very hard" mode and that was exciting. Some of the game elements are also very obscure, like providing a very far-off hint on where the actual location is. 

It would have been a great game if all the issues addressed were fixed.

Gameplay: 2/5**
Storyline: 4.5/5**
Graphics: 3.5/5**
Sound: 3/5**
Fun: 3.5/5**

Illusted: 3.3/5**

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Illusted by ysFaye at 1:46 PM


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